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Connecting Dots

The P1.875 LED Screen features an ultra-fine pixel pitch of 1.875mm, providing astonishing clarity and definition. With this exceptional pixel density, your content is showcased with unparalleled sharpness and realism, resulting in immersive and visually captivating displays. Whether it's advertising, live events, corporate presentations, or command centers, this LED screen ensures an extraordinary visual experience.


Equipped with advanced LED technology, the P1.875 LED Screen produces vibrant colors, outstanding contrast, and impressive brightness. The high-quality LEDs deliver accurate color reproduction and remarkable grayscale performance, enabling your content to shine with lifelike colors and incredible depth. With exceptional brightness levels, the display maintains its visual impact even in brightly lit environments.


The P1.875 LED Screen offers an expansive viewing angle, guaranteeing exceptional image quality and consistent colors from various positions. This ensures that your audience experiences the same stunning visuals, whether they are seated directly in front of the screen or viewing from the periphery. The wide viewing angle makes it an excellent choice for installations where a large audience needs to have an optimal viewing experience.


Designed with precision and versatility in mind, the P1.875 LED Screen features a slim and lightweight design that allows for seamless integration into any indoor space. Its modular construction enables flexible configurations, including flat or curved installations, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific application.


Module size:240x240mm

Cabinet size:480x480mm


Max power:800W/㎡


Display size options include the amount of panels given to create different sized displays.

Pricing listed is per panel.

P 1.875

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