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From large-scale outdoor displays to high-quality vivid picture indoor displays, JSG Displays offers it all!


Check out our product list below, and give us a call with any questions or to place an order!

P1.875 LED panel

P 1.875

The P1.875 LED Screen features an ultra-fine pixel pitch of 1.875mm, providing astonishing clarity and definition. With this exceptional pixel density, your content is showcased with unparalleled sharpness and realism, resulting in immersive and visually captivating displays. Whether it's advertising, live events, corporate presentations, or command centers, this LED screen ensures an extraordinary visual experience.


Equipped with advanced LED technology, the P1.875 LED Screen produces vibrant colors, outstanding contrast, and impressive brightness. The high-quality LEDs deliver accurate color reproduction and remarkable grayscale performance, enabling your content to shine with lifelike colors and incredible depth. With exceptional brightness levels, the display maintains its visual impact even in brightly lit environments.


The P1.875 LED Screen offers an expansive viewing angle, guaranteeing exceptional image quality and consistent colors from various positions. This ensures that your audience experiences the same stunning visuals, whether they are seated directly in front of the screen or viewing from the periphery. The wide viewing angle makes it an excellent choice for installations where a large audience needs to have an optimal viewing experience.

The P2.5 LED Screen boasts an ultra-fine pixel pitch of 2.5mm, ensuring breathtaking visuals with incredible sharpness and accuracy. With this level of pixel density, your content is presented with exceptional detail, making it ideal for applications that require immersive and high-resolution displays, such as control rooms, broadcast studios, high-end retail, and architectural installations.


Equipped with advanced LED technology, the P2.5 LED Screen delivers vibrant colors, excellent contrast, and remarkable brightness. Its high-quality LEDs provide outstanding color reproduction, allowing for vivid and true-to-life images that capture viewers' attention. With enhanced brightness levels, your content remains vivid and impactful even in well-lit environments.


The P2.5 LED Screen offers a wide viewing angle, ensuring consistent image quality and clarity from various positions. This makes it perfect for installations where multiple viewers need to experience the display from different angles or distances. Whether your audience is up close or at a distance, the display maintains its impressive visual performance.

P2 LED panel

P 2.5

P4 LED panel

P 4.0

The P4.0 LED Screen features a pixel pitch of 4.0mm, ensuring incredible detail and precision in every image and video displayed. With this fine pixel pitch, your content is presented with exceptional sharpness and clarity, making it perfect for applications that demand high-quality visuals, such as trade shows, retail displays, corporate events, and command centers.

Equipped with advanced LED technology, the P4.0 LED Screen delivers vibrant colors, rich contrast, and superb brightness. Its high-quality LEDs provide excellent color reproduction, allowing for accurate and true-to-life visuals. With adjustable brightness settings, the display adapts to different ambient lighting conditions, ensuring optimal visibility and legibility in any environment.

The P4.0 LED Screen offers a wide viewing angle, ensuring that your content is visible from various perspectives. This makes it ideal for installations where the display needs to be seen clearly from different vantage points or by a large audience. Whether your viewers are up close or at a distance, the display's image quality remains consistently impressive.

Designed with versatility in mind, the P4.0 LED Screen can be seamlessly integrated into different indoor environments. Its slim profile and lightweight construction make it easy to install and suitable for various mounting options, including wall-mounted, freestanding, or incorporated into larger display configurations. This flexibility allows for customized installations that best suit your specific needs.

With a pixel pitch of 5.0mm, the P5.0 LED Screen ensures exceptional clarity and detail, presenting your content with unparalleled precision. Whether showcasing high-definition images, videos, or dynamic text, every element is brought to life with vibrant colors and sharpness, leaving viewers in awe.

The P5.0 LED Screen features advanced LED technology, offering superb brightness and contrast ratios. With a high level of luminosity, this display delivers vibrant visuals even in well-lit environments, ensuring your message stands out. The wide color gamut and excellent color reproduction enhance the visual experience, resulting in vivid, true-to-life images that
engage and inspire.

Designed for seamless integration into various indoor spaces, the P5.0 LED Screen boasts a slim and lightweight design. Its sleek profile and customizable configuration options make it a perfect fit for installations with limited space or unique requirements. Whether it's wall-mounted, freestanding, or incorporated into a larger display setup, this LED screen offers flexibility and adaptability.

P5 LED panel

P 5.0

P10 LED panel

P 10- Outdoor

The P10 Outdoor LED Screen boasts a pixel pitch of 10mm, allowing for remarkable clarity and detail even when viewed from a distance. It ensures that your content, whether it's high-resolution images, videos, or dynamic text, is presented with utmost precision and vibrancy, captivating viewers and leaving a lasting impression.

Featuring a weatherproof design with a high IP rating, this LED screen is built to withstand the elements. It is resistant to dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in various outdoor environments. Whether it's installed in bustling city centers, sports stadiums, or concert venues, the P10 Outdoor LED Screen remains reliable and visually striking, rain or shine.

Equipped with high-brightness LEDs, this display guarantees excellent visibility even in direct sunlight. The screen's adaptive brightness control automatically adjusts to ambient lighting conditions, maintaining optimal image quality and ensuring legibility at all times. The wide viewing angle allows for clear visibility from various perspectives, ensuring that your message reaches a broad audience.

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