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Connecting Dots

The P2.5 LED Screen boasts an ultra-fine pixel pitch of 2.5mm, ensuring breathtaking visuals with incredible sharpness and accuracy. With this level of pixel density, your content is presented with exceptional detail, making it ideal for applications that require immersive and high-resolution displays, such as control rooms, broadcast studios, high-end retail, and architectural installations.


Equipped with advanced LED technology, the P2.5 LED Screen delivers vibrant colors, excellent contrast, and remarkable brightness. Its high-quality LEDs provide outstanding color reproduction, allowing for vivid and true-to-life images that capture viewers' attention. With enhanced brightness levels, your content remains vivid and impactful even in well-lit environments.


The P2.5 LED Screen offers a wide viewing angle, ensuring consistent image quality and clarity from various positions. This makes it perfect for installations where multiple viewers need to experience the display from different angles or distances. Whether your audience is up close or at a distance, the display maintains its impressive visual performance.

P 2.5

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